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Tennessee raccoon removal – If your city is not on the list, contact us and we will arrange for the nearest wildlife specialist to reach you in any corner of Tennessee.Free raccoon removal consultation

We Are The Raccoon Experts In Tennessee: We Handle Critters … And Your Insurance Company!

Have you seen signs of raccoon activity in your yard? Do you hear heavy thumping on the ceiling? Are growling and scratching noises waking you up at night?

You have a raccoon problem—and you don’t have much time to fix it.

Not many animals are as deceptive as raccoons. Their cute faces are a great cover for their destructive nature . In as little as two weeks, raccoons can wreak havoc on your house and threaten your family’s health.

If you detect signs of a raccoon on your property, you need to act quickly, with professional help.

With over 20 years of experience in the field Get Raccoons Out is the perfect partner to put an end to your raccoon nightmare.

Did you know that your homeowners policy may cover all the costs? But it’s only possible if you handle the claim correctly—and it helps to have insider info.

Get Raccoons Out has unmatched experience in handling insurance companies. Our insurance coordinator will be at your disposal to make sure your money is refunded. We will guide you through the whole process, from consultancy to filing your claim. We will help you bypass all the roadblocks—including the field agent—until your claim is on the adjuster’s desk.

If you are entitled to get your money back, we will make it happen.

How Our Raccoon Trapping Service In Tennessee Works

Our Tennessee raccoon removal services are based on a multi-step approach to the problem. Our raccoon removal expert in Tennessee will assess the entirety of the problem and create the best  intervention plan for your specific case.

In every situation, our aim is to restore your house to its pre-infestation state and prevent the critters from coming back.Tennessee raccoon removal services

We provide an all-in-one service. You will deal with a single contractor who will take care of everything to save you time, money and inconvenience.

All the techniques we use are legal and humane for the raccoons. Get Raccoons Out is a licensed company and we strictly adhere to local regulations.

With over 20 years of experience, no job is too difficult for us, and our methods have always proved successful. This is how we will make your house raccoon-free now and keep it that way for the future:

Raccoon trapping. Raccoons can settle anywhere in your house, from the attic to the chimney, walls, garage and crawl spaces. Our wildlife specialist in Tennessee will carefully inspect your property, locate the den and decide which raccoon trap to use.

Most important, during our inspection we will carefully look for baby raccoons. Raccoons often use your house to give birth. The litter may not be easy to find, but baby raccoons left behind will only add to your existing problem. If we discover a litter, we will rescue the babies and reunite them with the mother.

After our intervention, your house will be 100% raccoon-free.

Raccoon droppings treatment. Raccoons are messy animals and will turn your house into their personal toilet. You’ll be disgusted by the bad odor left behind, but the smell is actually the least of your problems.

Raccoon feces and urine are highly hazardous. They are carriers of several serious diseases, from salmonella, which is fairly easy to treat, to the life-threatening rabies and raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis). Kids and pets are the most vulnerable.

Raccoon droppings require special attention. In addition to posing serious risks to you and your familys health, droppings cause extensive damage to your drywall and insulation.

We will remove and dispose of raccoon urine and feces using specialized equipment. After that we will eliminate any remaining hazards, including the bad odor, thanks to products specially made to clean and sanitize your house.

Raccoon-proofing. If raccoons entered your house, it was because they found it attractive and easy to enter. If nothing changes, it is just a matter of time before they come back again.

You need to make sure your house is unattractive to the critters. Our raccoon expert in Tennessee will examine your house and repair all the weak points where raccoons could break in.

Raccoon damage repair. We will not be satisfied until your house feels like home again.

Raccoons can damage your walls, roof, water pipes, electrical system, insulation and so on. Everything will be fixed to return your house to its original state.

Our team specializes in home repair. We use high-quality materials that we select to fit seamlessly with the design of your home.

Tennessee Raccoon Removal and Control Services

Get Raccoons Out is a licensed company that has been operating for over 20 years. We know and adhere to the local regulations.

These are the primary cities and regions where Get Raccoons Out operates:

  • Memphis
  • New South Memphis
  • Nashville, Knoxville
  • Chattanooga
  • East Chattanooga
  • Clarksville
  • Murfreesboro
  • Jackson
  • Johnson City

If your city is not on the list, don’t worry—our wildlife control specialists can reach you wherever in Tennessee you are located.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment with our closest Tennessee raccoon removal expert, and we will bring our services to you.

Getting Rid Of Raccoons In Tennessee Has Never Been So Easy

Having raccoons in your house can be a real nightmare. We will make removing the critters as smooth as possible to give you back your peace of mind.

With 20+ years of experience, Gert Raccoons Out is the best solution for your raccoon problem. Our all-in-one service will make removing the critters and restoring your home easy and fast.

Most important, we will handle your insurance claim to make sure your insurance company pays for the expenses. We are committed to giving you a happy ending.Free raccoon removal consultation