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If your city is not on our Pennsylvania raccoon removal list, contact us and we will arrange for the nearest wildlife specialist to reach you in any corner of Pennsylvania.Free raccoon removal consultation

We Are The Pennsylvania Raccoon Removal Experts

No stress and better results on your Pennsylvania raccoon removal project —possibly for free. This is what Get Raccoons Out will do for you.

Raccoon invasion is a common problem in Pennsylvania. Wild animals living under your roof are a nuisance that rob you of your peace of mind. A house invaded by raccoons doesn’t feel like home anymore.

Our specialty is restoring the peace of your house without placing any additional burden on your shoulders. We will take care of the problem from beginning to end. You’ll just be responsible for enjoying your raccoon-free home once again.

The only thing you have to do is to act without delay.

  • Did you know that raccoons are destructive? In as short a time as two weeks they can ravage your house worse than you can imagine.
  • Did you know that raccoons and their droppings are carriers of several life-threatening diseases? When raccoons are around, your family’s health is at risk.
  • Do you have pets? Raccoons can attack and kill domestic animals. Your pets may even get infected by raccoon droppings.

Your home is where you and your family relax, and you deserve to feel safe. We are not satisfied until your house feels like home again.

As a professional raccoon trapping company in Pennsylvania, we will take care of the critters in your house. And we will make sure your insurance company pays for the service.

Nothing is worth more than your peace of mind!

Our Unique Approach To Pennsylvania Raccoon Removal To Protect Your Home And Save You Money

Get Raccoons Out is a fully licensed company.  We have been in the wildlife control business for 20+ years.

We have unmatched experience in Pennsylvania raccoon trapping. We have developed a multi-step approach to raccoon infestation that guarantees results and keeps raccoons away for many years after.

We know that no two jobs are alike. For this reason, our Pennsylvania raccoon removal experts will examine your case and implement solutions designed to address your house and your specific problem.

  • Our first priority: Trapping the raccoon

The raccoon trapping techniques we employ are successful without harming the animals. We understand local regulations and adhere to them.

We can trap raccoons in any situation. Your house offers many comfortable spots where a raccoon may make a den: your attic, garage, walls, chimney or crawl spaces. Different settings require different raccoon trapping techniques.

  • Relocating the raccoon

Local regulations vary. As a fully licensed company, we know how to dispose of the animals without incurring any problems with local authorities.

  • Repairing raccoon damage

Once the raccoon is gone, we will assess the damage it caused. We will check the insulation, dry walls, vent ducts, water pipes, electrical cables and anything else the raccoon may have destroyed.

We will then repair the damaged areas to make your house efficient and secure again.

We will take care of damage caused to the exterior of your house too—shingles ripped apart by raccoons, broken siding. The high-quality materials we use will restore your house to its pre-infestation beauty.

  • The essential final step: Raccoon-proofing your house

Our expert eyes will inspect your property to find weak spots. Vent holes, a poorly protected chimney, gaps in the siding, damaged shingles or rotten beams can make your house irresistible to raccoons. We will repair these areas to keep raccoons at bay.

Our aim is to raccoon-proof your house for many years to come.Free raccoon removal consultation

Raccoon Droppings: The Unseen Threat

Though raccoon attacks on humans are rare, the dangers posed by raccoon droppings are more insidious.

Raccoon urine and feces are carriers of several diseases , some of them potentially fatal. Accidental touch or ingestion is enough to contract a disease. Babies are the most vulnerable to the danger. Just playing in the yard may be enough for a child to become infected.

Your pets are not safe either. They may get sick and die because of raccoon droppings. A pet infected by droppings will itself become a disease carrier, exposing the family to even greater risk.

Even after the droppings have been removed, an area touched by raccoon droppings remains infected for many years.

Raccoon droppings have to be handled with extreme caution. We will safely dispose of them. Most important, we will sanitize the area with specialized equipment.

After our cleanup, you wont have to worry anymore because your house will be safe again. Even the bad odor left by the animals will be gone.

How Much Will You Pay For Our Raccoon Removal Service In Pennsylvania?

Raccoons can be an expensive problem. If you do not act promptly, the damage can be significant , even after only a few weeks.

For over 20 years, we have coordinated with insurance companies and developed unmatched skills in the field.

We know that many insurance companies are willing to pay for the damage. But you need to know how to submit your claim correctly.

Our insurance coordinator will guide you through the process. He will advise you and negotiate with your insurance company to get your claim approved. Before you do anything, call our insurance coordinator for a free consultation.

If there is a chance to get your money back, we will make it happen. Our raccoon removal services could be virtually free.

Our Raccoon Experts Will Assist You All Across Pennsylvania

These are the main cities and regions in Pennsylvania covered by our wildlife control service:

Get Raccoons Out offers an all-in-one Pennsylvania raccoon removal service. From the removal of the critters to the restoration of your house, we take care of everything.

Our services are the best way to solve your problem with no added stress for you. Instead, you will save time and money.

Our experienced raccoon removal specialists will solve your Pennsylvania raccoon removal problem in no time, make your house feel like home again, and ensure that your homeowner’s insurance pays for it.Free raccoon removal consultation