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New Jersey Raccoon Trapping Experts: We Handle The Critters… And Your Insurance Company!

If you see signs of raccoon activity in your yard, or if you hear them inside your house, you have a pesky problem on your hands.

Raccoons are a common sight all across New Jersey, even in residential and commercial areas. Raccoons have learned how to live around humans and that has become a major problem for countless homeowners.

A raccoon infestation needs to be addressed promptly, professionally and safely. Raccoons may be cute, but they cannot be taken lightly. These critters can wreak havoc on your house.

Most important, did you know that raccoons are dangerous to you, your family and your pets?

Get Raccoons Out has been removing raccoons and repairing their damage for over 20 years.

  • Are you longing for your house to be raccoon-free again?
  • Do you want to solve the problem quickly and easily?
  • Would you like your homeowner’s insurance to cover all the expenses?

We can make it happen. We are not satisfied until your house feels like home again—and we will make sure your insurance covers all the expenses. (Book today a free consultation with our insurance coordinator.)

Our expertise in raccoon removal and our know-how in coordinating with insurance companies make us your best ally in the fight against raccoons.

Our New Jersey Wildlife Control Specialist

Get Raccoons Out is a fully licensed company and we operate under local regulations. We will trap raccoons inside your house without hurting the animals.

Removing the raccoons from your house is our priority. But we are also concerned with preventing them from coming back.

We take a proven multi-step approach to ensure the best results:

  • Raccoon trapping. We can remove raccoons from your attic, chimney, walls, garage, crawl spaces or wherever else the den might be. No spot in your house will be left unchecked.

Our raccoon expert in New Jersey will inspect your property to determine where to place the trap. The location of the den will determine the kind of trap we use to get rid of the raccoon as quickly as possible.

A thorough inspection of your home is a key feature of our service. Did you know that raccoons primarily enter a house to give birth?

Baby raccoons abandoned inside your house will suffer a slow and cruel death. Dead raccoons will fill your house with an unbearably foul smell and are even more expensive to remove.

To make sure that no baby raccoons are left behind, we will determine whether there is a litter, rescue the babies and reunite them with their mother.

  • Raccoon disposal. We will relocate the animals in compliance with local regulations. This is critical so as not to incur in any serious problems with local authorities.
  • Raccoon droppings treatment. Raccoon urine and feces need special attention. Droppings cause extensive damage to your drywall and insulation, which will need to be replaced. Many people don’t know that raccoon droppings pose serious health risks to you and your family, including your pets.

Raccoon droppings can carry several dangerous diseases , including leptospirosis, salmonella and the raccoon roundworm, that are life-threatening and can leave you permanently impaired. Babies are the most vulnerable, but adults and pets are not immune.

Even after the droppings have been removed, the areas they touched may remain infected for several years.Free raccoon removal consultationOur specialized equipment will completely remove and dispose of raccoon urine and feces. We will sanitize your house with specially formulated products, eliminating any remaining health hazards and the bad odor. Your home will be totally safe again.

  • Raccoon proofing. Without this step, it is only a matter of time before raccoons will enter your home again.

We will make sure your house is unattractive to raccoons. A careful examination of your house and repair of all the weak points where raccoons could break in will prevent raccoons from coming back for a long time.

  • Raccoon damage repair. The damage caused by raccoons may be sizable, including damage to walls, roof, water pipes, electrical system, insulation and more.

We will take care of all the restoration to bring your house back to its pre-infestation state.

New Jersey Raccoon Removal Services

Get Raccoons Out is a fully licensed company that operates all across New Jersey. We know and adhere to the local regulations on raccoon trapping and removal.

Wherever you are located in New Jersey, we can help.

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Don’t see your city on the list? Don’t worry! Contact us today and our closest New Jersey raccoon removal specialist will arrange to come to your house and bring our services to you.

The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Raccoons In New Jersey

We have 20+ years of experience in trapping raccoons. We guarantee that your house will be free and clear, and the raccoons will be just a memory.

Enjoy the benefits of our all-in-one service. You don’t need to go through the frustration of dealing with several contractors. We take care of the raccoons in your house, prevent them from coming back, repair damage and help you submit your claim to the insurance company.

We provide the easiest and most painless way to get rid of raccoons—and have your insurance pay for it.

Less frustration, better results and more money in your wallet.Free raccoon removal consultation