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Illinois Raccoon Removal Service: How Much Do You Want A Raccoon-Free House?

From a raccoon’s point of view, do you know who makes a perfect neighbor? It is you.

Your home is a perfect environment for a raccoon. He can easily find food, water, and comfortable shelter. The problem is the critter will not show any gratitude for your hospitality.

Raccoons are invasive guests. The idea of having a wild animal living inside your house is disturbing. It is even more discomforting when you understand how destructive they can be.

If raccoons are inside your attic, chimney, garage or walls right now, they are destroying everything as we speak. Duct work, water pipes, electrical cables, insulation and wooden beams—the raccoons will not spare anything.

If you see raccoon droppings around your garden, it means you are not safe. Droppings are carriers of diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, salmonella and the life-threatening raccoon roundworm.

Raccoons are cute and entertaining, but they are dangerous. You need to protect yourself immediately.

Raccoons can cause costly damage all across Illinois. If you allow a raccoon to remain in your house for too long, the result may be several thousands of dollars in damage.

Your promptness in addressing the problem combined with our expertise will lead to a raccoon-free home and save you a lot of money.

We are Illinois wildlife control specialists with over 20 years of experience in raccoon trapping.Free raccoon removal consultation

How Our Unique Approach To Illinois Raccoon Removal Will Protect Your Home And Save You Money

Our trademark is approaching every project with two primary goals:

  • To remove the raccoons and prevent them from coming back
  • To deal with your insurance company and have your expenses refunded

Both problems require a professional approach.

Even though removing raccoons and repairing the damage can be expensive, many homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the cost.

Before you do anything with your insurance, we invite you to contact our insurance coordinator in Illinois for a free consultation.

It is crucial that you submit your claim correctly from the very beginning. Otherwise, your insurance company may reject it and refuse to pay for the damage.

We have developed exceptional skill in dealing with insurance companies. We know how to present your case and we are highly successful in taking claims straight to the adjuster’s desk.

Even when a claim is rejected at first, we have a high rate of success in reversing the situation and persuading the insurance company to reconsider your file.

We have helped countless clients solve their raccoon problems and get their money back.

Licensed Raccoon Trapping In Illinois: We Operate Under Local Regulations

Get Raccoons Out is a licensed company. We understand and adhere to local Illinois raccoon removal regulations. Our raccoon trapping techniques are humane and aimed at ensuring your safety.

When you contact us, our closest raccoon expert in Illinois will assess the extent of the problem. The solution we offer will be designed with your particular case in mind. Our goal is to make your house raccoon-free in the shortest time possible.

To guarantee lasting results, we employ a multi-step approach.

Raccoon removal. This is the top priority. We need to remove the animal and stop the destruction of your house.

We will use a trapping system that doesn’t hurt the animal.

We will also search for baby raccoons inside your house and remove the litter.

Raccoon disposal. Once the raccoon is inside the trap, we will dispose of the animal according to local regulations.

Raccoon droppings. Raccoon urine and feces are hazardous. Some diseases carried by raccoons  may require expensive treatment or hospitalization. Other diseases are even more serious.

The raccoon roundworm, for instance, can be contracted either by touch or just by inhalation. Babies are most exposed to the danger. If contracted, raccoon roundworm may cause permanent disability and in some cases even death.

Given the dangers involved, our raccoon expert will use specialized equipment and products to sterilize your house and kill all traces of bacteria. At the same time, the treatment will get rid of any bad odor.

Raccoon damage restoration. We offer an all-in-one service to repair your house. You will have a sole contractor to deal with, saving you time and money.

The materials we use are of the highest quality, and we will make sure to restore the look of your house to its pre-raccoon state.

Raccoon proofing. Your house needs to be unappealing to raccoons. We will inspect your property to find any weak spots.

We will secure your chimney and vent holes, fix gaps in the siding and eliminate any other entry points for raccoons.

We will even advise you about simple precautions you can take in order not to attract the animals. Raccoons will have no reason to come back to your house ever again.

Our Raccoon Experts Can Serve You All Across Illinois

Raccoons are a common sight in Illinois. They may become a nuisance not just in rural areas but even in urban environments.

Get Raccoons Out is licensed to trap raccoons in Illinois. We can reach any corner of the state.

These are the main cities and regions where we operate:

Chicago,  Aurora, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, and the entire Great Lakes Region.

If your town is not on our Illinois raccoon removal list, don’t worry! Contact us today and our nearest raccoon expert will contact you to provide a free estimate.Free raccoon removal consultation