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If your city is not on the Georgia raccoon removal list, contact us and we will arrange for the nearest wildlife specialist to reach you in any corner of Georgia.

Georgia Raccoon Removal Service:

Act Quickly To Free Your Home

Is the idea of having a wild animal living inside your house disturbing?

Once you understand how destructive raccoons can be, this idea becomes even more disturbing.

Raccoons are invasive guests. As we speak, raccoons inside your attic, chimney, garage or walls could be destroying everything. Ductwork, water pipes, electrical cables, insulation and wooden beams—the raccoons will not spare anything.

Not to mention how dangerous raccoon droppings are. They are a silent threat that can threaten your familys health for many years to come if you don’t take care of the cleanup properly.

If you see or hear any sign of raccoon activity around your house, it means you are not safe.

Raccoons are dangerous. You need to protect yourself immediately. Call our Georgia raccoon removal expert today! Free raccoon removal consultationGet Raccoons Out is a fully licensed company with 20+ years of experience in handling raccoons. We act quickly and professionally, and our work will make your house raccoon-free for many years to come.

Raccoon removal may be an expensive job , but with Get Raccoons Out, you can have it all done for free. Keep reading and we will explain how our approach to raccoon removal may save you a lot of money.

Protect Your House And Save Money With Our Georgia Raccoon Removal

When you call Get Raccoons Out, our main priority is to get rid of the raccoons as soon as possible and prevent them from coming back.

Our trademark—what sets us apart from the competition—is our skill in handling your insurance company to get your expenses refunded.

Both objectives require a professional approach.

Removing raccoons and repairing the damage can be expensive, and many homeowners insurance policies will try to deny your claim.

That’s why our insurance coordinator on Georgia raccoon removal is at your disposal for a free consultation.

Before you do anything with your insurance company, book a personal appointment with our insurance expert.

We have developed exceptional skill in dealing with insurance companies. We know how to handle the “vermin clause” and other roadblocks you may find along the way. We have helped countless clients take their claims straight to the adjuster’s desk.

It is crucial that you submit your claim correctly from the very beginning. Otherwise, your insurance company may reject your claim and refuse to pay for the damages. Our insurance coordinator will help you avoid any pitfalls .

If you’ve already submitted your claim and it has been rejected, give us a call anyway. We have a high rate of success in reversing the situation and persuading the insurance company to reconsider your case.

Licensed Raccoon Trapping In Georgia:

The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Raccoons

Georgia raccoon removal trappingGet Raccoons Out is a licensed company that employs humane raccoon trapping techniques. We understand and adhere to Georgia regulations on wildlife preservation.

Call us, and the nearest raccoon expert in Georgia will be in contact with you shortly to assess the extent of the problem. We offer solutions designed with your particular case in mind.

To quickly get rid of raccoons and guarantee lasting results, we employ a multi-step approach.

Raccoon trapping. We will use a trapping system that doesn’t hurt the animal. We can trap raccoons in any scenario without wasting time.

Before moving to the next step, we will carefully inspect your property to find any baby raccoons inside your house and remove the litter.

Raccoon disposal. Once the raccoon is inside the trap, we will reunite her with her babies. Then we will relocate the animals according to local regulations in Georgia.

Raccoon droppings cleanup. Raccoon droppings are a silent threat. Some diseases carried by raccoons  may require expensive treatment or hospitalization. Other diseases are even more serious, some potentially fatal.

Your house won’t be a safe place unless you clean up and sanitize the area with professional equipment. An area touched by raccoon droppings may remain infected for many years if not treated properly.

We use specialized equipment and products to sterilize your house and kill all traces of bacteria. After the treatment, even the bad odor will be gone.

Raccoon damage restoration. To save you time, money and stress, we offer an all-in-one service to repair your house. You will have a single contractor to deal with, making the restoration as easy as possible.

Raccoon proofing. Our work will not be complete if we do not raccoon-proof your house. Otherwise, it will just be a matter of time until the critters come back.

We will secure your chimney and ventilation holes, fix gaps in the siding and eliminate any other potential entry points for raccoons. We will inspect your property to find any other weak spots and fix them.

We will also teach you simple precautions you can take in order not to attract the animals.

Our Raccoon Experts Can Serve You All Across Georgia

Raccoons can become a nuisance not just in rural areas, but even in urban environments all across Georgia.

Get Raccoons Out operates statewide in Georgia.

These are the main cities and regions where we operate:

  • Atlanta
  • Columbus
  • Savannah
  • Athens
  • Sandy Springs
  • Macon
  • Roswell
  • Albany
  • John’s Creek
  • Warner Robins

If your town is not on the list, don’t worry. Contact us today and our nearest Georgia raccoon removal expert will contact you to provide a free estimate.

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