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If your city is not on the list for Florida raccoon removal, contact us and we will arrange for the nearest wildlife specialist to reach you in any corner of Florida.Free raccoon removal consultationWildlife Control Expert: Are You Looking For The Most Efficient Service In Florida?

We get rid of raccoons and negotiate with your insurance company

Raccoons are a common sight all across Florida. Every year these cute animals become a nightmare for countless homeowners.

If you see signs of raccoon activity in your yard or if you hear the critters moving inside your house, you need to act without delay.

You may not realize that your reaction time will determine how much money you have to spend to fix the raccoons’ damage.

Together, your quick action and our expertise will save you a lot of money.

Consider these facts about raccoons in Florida:

  • Raccoons live in urban areas
  • Raccoons may be living in your house without you noticing them
  • Raccoons are destructive animals that can cause extensive damage
  • Raccoons are dangerous to human health, sometimes even fatal
  • Raccoons may attack your pets and kill them
  • If cornered, raccoons can attack humans

Raccoons are a nuisance, and they must be taken seriously.

Get Raccoons Out has over 20 years of experience in helping homeowners solve their raccoon problems. Your peace of mind is our goal. We offer you worry-free service to clear your house in the shortest time possible.

We can trap raccoons in every scenario: attic, chimney, walls, garage, yard or wherever the den is located.

All our techniques are designed to treat raccoons humanely and respect local regulations.

Will Your Insurance Pay For The Raccoon Damage?

Raccoons are an expensive problem. If the critters are not removed quickly, the damage caused may amount to several thousand dollars.

The good news is that your homeowner’s insurance policy may pay for the expenses .

Just as getting rid of raccoons requires expertise, skill is also needed to deal with insurance companies.

Get Raccoons Out will provide an insurance coordinator who will take care of submitting your claim to the insurance company.

Our experience in dealing with policy terms, field agents and adjusters is unmatched in Florida.

Our insurance coordinator will help you submit your claim correctly. He will act as a mediator between you and your insurance company, enhancing your chances to get your money back—even if your case is rejected at first.

Before you do anything with your insurance, pick up the phone and contact our insurance coordinator for a free consultation.Free raccoon removal consultation

Our Raccoon Experts Operate All Across Florida

Raccoon infestation is a common problem in Florida. The growing raccoon population may become your problem whether you live in a rural or urban area.

When you detect the first signs of raccoons around your property, call Get Raccoons Out and our closest wildlife control specialist in Florida will come to you.

These are the cities we service:


We also operate in these regions in Florida:

Florida Panhandle, The Florida Keys, The Everglades, Miami Ridge, Florida Uplands, East Gulf Coastal Plains, Atlantic Coastal Plains.

There is no place in Florida we cannot reach. Pick up the phone now or drop us an email to solve your raccoon problem without delay.

How Our Raccoon Control Specialist Will Take Care Of Your Home

The only way to solve a raccoon infestation is to follow a multi-step system. Get Raccoons Out is a licensed raccoon trapping company and we developed techniques that have been.

After our raccoon specialist in Florida assesses the damage, we will proceed as follows:

Raccoon trapping. We will locate the raccoon’s den. We will find the hole the critter is using to go in and out of your house.

Our raccoon expert will decide what kind of trap to use, where to set it and which kind of bait will be most effective.

Since raccoons often enter houses to give birth, we will also search for a litter with babies. This is a crucial step. If baby raccoons are not removed along with the mother, they will suffer a cruel death and the dead bodies will fill your house with an unbearably foul smell. Removing dead raccoons will also increase the removal expenses.

Raccoon removal. Once the raccoon is trapped, we will dispose of the animal.

Each state has specific regulations designed to be both humane and in the best interests of wildlife preservation. As a licensed company, we know the local laws and we stick to them.

Raccoon droppings cleanup. Raccoons are clean animals. When they enter your house, they select a spot to use as their litter. We will find it, remove it and sanitize the area.

. Any areas touched by droppings may remain contagious for years. Some diseases, like raccoon roundworm, can be contracted just by inhalation, so it is important to know how to properly handle raccoon droppings.

Using specialized products, we will completely disinfect the area, eliminating dangerous bacteria and the bad odor.

Raccoon damage restoration. Raccoon destruction can be very expensive and lead to further problems. A broken roof or a chewed water pipe may prompt a flood. Damaged electrical cables can start a fire.

Get Raccoons Out will restore your house to its pre-raccoon state. We pay attention to the details. The materials we use will fit the look of your house and their quality will ensure their durability.

Our all-in-one removal and restoration service will save you a lot of time and money.

Raccoon-proof your house. This is the last step but certainly not the least important. Did you know that if a raccoon enters your house it is because something on your property attracted him?

We will discover what is attracting raccoons to your yard and around your property. We will inspect your house to identify and fix any weak points the animals could use to enter your house.

Before we leave, we will make sure that your house is unattractive to raccoons, giving them a reason to move somewhere else.

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Raccoons In Your Home?

Get Raccoons Out is a licensed company that operates under local regulations. Our 20+ years of experience make us the experts in raccoon removal.

Our skill in dealing with insurance companies is your best ally in the fight to have your homeowner’s policy cover your expenses.

Contact us today and our closest Florida raccoon removal expert will be in touch soon.Raccoon removal Florida - Free raccoon removal consultation