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If your city is not on the Delaware raccoon removal list, contact us and we will arrange for the nearest wildlife specialist to reach you in any corner of Delaware.Free raccoon removal consultation

The Fast And Efficient Way To Address Raccoon Problems In Delaware

Is your trash can ravaged every night? Do you hear heavy thumping on the ceiling? Are growling and scratching noises waking you up at night?

These are common signs of raccoon infestation in your house, and you need to act quickly.

DIY methods to get rid of raccoons are often ineffective and the more time you wait, the more you expose your flank to your enemy.  Your uninvited guests can wreak havoc in your house  in such a little time as two weeks.

A delayed intervention will make more expensive to get rid of raccoons from your house.

Raccoons are a nuisance for many reasons:

  • Raccoons are destructive (more than you can imagine!)
  • Raccoons are hazardous to your health and potentially fatal (especially for kids)
  • Raccoons can be dangerous for your pets
  • Raccoons can become aggressive
  • Raccoons will keep coming back to your house (if you do not know how to stop them)

In over 20 years we helped countless clients to get rid of raccoons and regain their peace of mind.

Our raccoon experts operate all across Delaware and are skilled at humanely remove the critters.

Get Raccoons Out is a licensed company. We strictly operate under local regulations for your and our safety. We take care of the animals from the removal to the disposal of them according to the Delaware law.

The Raccoon Experts You are Looking For To Take Care Of Your Home

The best way to get rid of raccoons depends on many variables. No method fits every situation. Our wildlife control specialist will assess the entity of your raccoon infestation and devise the best approach to the problem.

Our goal is your satisfaction. We want your house to be raccoon free, safe and not appealing to the critters anymore.Free raccoon removal consultationWhat will our Delaware raccoon removal expert do for you?

Raccoon trapping. Many spots in your house can make a comfortable den for raccoons. The most attractive areas in your home are your attic, chimney garage, void behind walls and crawl spaces underneath your house or deck.

Each one of these locations requests different approaches and different raccoon trapping techniques to ensure success. We know how to get rid of raccoons in any scenario.

Do you know that often times raccoons enter your house to give birth? It is our concern to look  for a litter in your house and remove baby raccoons. This is a necessary task to avoid further problems and save baby raccoons from a cruel death.

Raccoon disposal. Once the raccoon is trapped, we will dispose of the animal according to the local regulation. As a licensed company we adhere to the law in your State.

Raccoon droppings cleanup. The urine and feces left behind by raccoons are carriers of several diseases.

Some diseases like, for instance, the raccoon roundworm are potentially fatal, and babies are the most vulnerable. Even your pets are at high risk of contagion, and they too can become carriers.

The raccoon roundworm eggs in the feces are airborne, and contagion may happen just by inhalation. The area touched by the droppings is infected for years after the removal if not properly treated.

We remove the droppings and clean up the area. We will treat all the zone with specialized equipment and products. After the job is done your house will be safe again and you will not smell the bad odor anymore.

Raccoon damage restoration. These critters are destructive by nature. They will chew and tear apart whatever comes at hand inside your house.

They may break down your wall or roof in their attempt to enter your house. Your water pipes, duct work, electric cables, and insulation are relentlessly destroyed every passing day.

After the raccoon removal, we will assess the damage and proceed with the restoration.

Our 360-degree service will save you time and money.

Raccoon proofing. Before we live, your house will be raccoon-proof . We will secure your vent holes, chimney, crawl spaces and any other spot that may be used by raccoons to enter your house.

Raccoons do not visit your property by chance. Raccoons are always attracted by something.

We will advise you about things in your yard that may be attractive to the critters and how to fix them.

Our concern is to keep raccoons way from your house for many years to come.

Do You Know That Your Homeowner Insurance Policy May Cover All The Expenses?

Dealing with your insurance company may be as challenging as removing raccoons from your house.

The way you approach your insurance company and the way you submit your file may make the difference between failure and success.

We have an unmatched experience in dealing with insurance company . We understand how insurance companies work, and we know how to take your case straight to the adjustor’s desk.

Our insurance coordinator will guide you through the process. Having a professional Delaware raccoon removal expert working side by side with you will enhance your chances to have the damage covered by the insurance company.

We Remove Raccoon All Across Delaware

Our wildlife control service cover all the main cities and regions in Delaware including:

Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Bear, Middletown, Brookside, Glasgow, Hockessin, Pine Creek Valley, Smyrna, Delaware River Valley, Bucks County, Schuylkill Valley, Perkiomen Valley

It does not matter where you live in Delaware, pick up the phone and our closest raccoon expert will contact you shortly.Free raccoon removal consultation