Here are some of the services we provide!

Raccoon removal Louisiana trappingRaccoon removal – trapping, excluding and exterminating if necessary

Raccoon dropping and latrine clean up – avoid disease and eliminate odors

Raccoon damage restoration – attics, walls, chimneys, soffits, sheds

Home owner’s insurance assistance – did the raccoons cause a lot of damage? Let our insurance coordinators walk you through the process

If Raccoons Have Invaded Your Home or Business – Contact Get Raccoons Out Today!

Raccoon feces on my propertyRaccoons may be cute but they make a horrible mess in the attic!  If you need help getting raccoons out of your home, please enter your information below and we will contact you with options, pricing, and information to assist you.

Note!  If you have significant damage or clean up work needed, please call our Insurance Coordinator for a free consultation before contacting your insurance company.

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Raccoon Removal Service Areas

We currently do raccoon removal in the states listed below. Please click on your state for more information.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Getting rid of raccoons can be both frustrating and dangerous.  In addition, more than many pest or wildlife issues, raccoons can cause considerable damage in your attic, walls or chimney and they can be quite ferocious defending their territory.

Therefore, raccoon removal is usually best left to a professional service or trapper.  We believe you should hire us!  Having the professional knowledge of how to remove raccoons from your attic and how to repair the damages they cause consequently allows us to save you time and money.

We can also clean up their feces (raccoons often set up a “latrine”).  Once removed, it is important to seal up your home, or raccoon proof it, so they can’t return.

Every county and state has different laws and guidelines regarding the handling of raccoons after we trap them.  As a result, we are careful to follow these laws, as they are designed to be both humane and in the best interest of wildlife preservation.  Some counties require we exterminate the raccoons, others require relocation after we trap them.